February 10, 2020


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#yfsf – ΠΡΕΜΙΕΡΑ – ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ 16/02 ΣΤΙΣ 20:45

The hostess Maria Bekatorou, the new jury and ten talented artists are ready for Your Face Sounds Familiar! Sunday TV nights have been synonymous, in recent years, with the subversive transformations of participants into the biggest stars of the global and domestic music industry.

The new season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” aims to excite the television audience by offering unforgettable disguises and many surprises. The four judges of this season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, George Mazonakis, Dimitris Starovas, Alexis Georgoulis and Mirka Papakonstantinou, look forward to taking their places and seeing the ten artists become …unrecognizable.
This year, the protagonists in alphabetical order, are Maria Androutsou, Evridiki, Katerina Koukouraki, Lambis Livieratos, Danai Loukakis, Stefanos Mouage, Elias Bogdanos, Tania Breazou, Nikolas Raptakis and Giorgos Chraniotis.

As every season, this year’s “Your Face Sounds Familiar” benefits charity causes and gives the winner of each episode the opportunity to donate money to the Foundation or Organization of their choice.

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